Welcome to the greener way to get around. The Honda SmartCharge™ service keeps your Clarity electric vehicle ready to go, while helping to maximize the use of renewable energy—thereby reducing the burden on the environment. In some areas, participating in Honda SmartCharge may even earn you money.

Charge when it helps the environment the most.

When we use more electricity than the electrical grid can provide, less efficient fossil fuel plants pick up the slack—leading to increased CO2 emissions and wasted money. Honda SmartCharge allows you to be part of the solution.

Here’s how it works

Honda SmartCharge searches for opportunities to charge when electricity demand is low, all while intelligently balancing your driving needs to ensure your vehicle is charged and ready to go when you are.

Set where and when you will need to charge your vehicle.

Use the HondaLink® mobile app to set up your common charge locations (like home and work) and your typical daily schedule. Then, simply plug in, go about your life, and return to a full charge. Don’t worry if your plans change, you can always override your SmartCharge Schedule to charge your vehicle as fast as possible.

SmartCharge can help
to lower CO2 emissions.

Honda SmartCharge can manage your vehicle’s charging to prioritize charging when electricity demand is low and when the availability of renewable energy is high, while always ensuring that your vehicle is fully charged when you need it.

Charge your wallet while you charge your vehicle.

Earn points for reducing your CO2 impact. The more you use Honda SmartCharge to charge your Clarity electric vehicle, the more points you can earn.*

Check to see if Honda SmartCharge with rewards is available in your area.


Download the HondaLink app to get started

You’ll need the app to control and monitor your charging. Send a link to your phone with the icon below. Or search your phone’s Google Play or App Store for “HondaLink.”

Connect with your vehicle.

Charge Schedule

Plug-in Reminder

Locate Charging Station

Remote Climate Control

Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Notifications

* Points earned are based upon a number of factors, including the availability of reward programs in your area and the number of SmartCharge sessions you have completed, and can be cashed in for SmartCharge Rewards.
Download the HondaLink app to enroll.
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