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California Grid with Enel X Program

Through Honda SmartCharge’s Managed Charging, Honda can calculate the optimum times to charge your Honda electric vehicle (EV) to reduce the impact on the electrical grid and to produce a charging schedule for your EV. Using this capability, Honda and its demand response provider can facilitate eligible EV customers’ participation in California’s wholesale electricity market. The current participating utilities are: SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E (Coming soon).

Sign up for the California Grid with Enel X Program is only available via the HondaLink™ app. You will need to complete the following:

  • Complete and submit all information required by Honda and/or our service providers to enable sharing of your utility meter data with our service providers and other applicable third parties.

California Wholesale Utility Program FAQs

Enel X North America, Inc. (“Enel X”) is the appointed Demand Response Provider (DRP) for the Honda SmartCharge™ service. A DRP helps customers to reduce electricity consumption and provides those reductions as a service to the wholesale electricity markets. Enel X will coordinate with Honda to determine when it is best to charge your vehicle in the timeframe you have provided for charging.

Enel X takes your privacy very seriously. Your utility meter data will be used to verify your eligibility for enrollment and to verify your vehicle’s participation during a scheduled SmartCharge session.

In order for Honda SmartCharge’s Managed Charging to identify the most efficient times for charging and deferral of charging, and to verify your vehicle’s participation in scheduled SmartCharge sessions, our demand response provider must be able to access your utility electric meter data. Any time a third party needs access to your meter data, you must grant permission to your local utility to share it. You are free to revoke that permission at any time, but you will no longer be eligible to earn rewards in the program.

If you sign up, you will automatically earn a $10 sign up incentive. Honda sign-up rewards are limited to one per person even if you sign up for a program more than once.


Then, if we determine you are eligible to participate in the program, you will have the opportunity to earn additional reward points based on your level of participation.  The amount of reward points you earn will vary based on your charging amount, rate, and frequency, as well as whether you opt-out out of a SmartCharge session. Any reward points earned from participating in the program will be added to your “Pending Points” balance, which can be viewed on the SmartCharge Activity page of the HondaLink® mobile app. Earned reward points will remain in a “pending” status for ninety (90) days after they are earned, after which, they will be available for withdrawal.

Yes. You can participate if you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements to participate.

Generally, no., including from utilities and third-party providers, such as OhmConnect or Leap, do not allow you to enroll in multiple programs. We will notify you if you are not eligible to participate due to participation in other DR programs.

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