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National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions Program

EV and PHEV Program

Enroll Your Vehicle to Help Make the Grid More Sustainable. Earn $50 for enrolling in the program and an additional $20 at the end of the program.

How it Works

On hot summer days or other times when the electricity grid in your area is stressed, reducing energy can help save energy costs and decrease pollution—and MassSave makes it easy!

After enrolling your Clarity, National Grid will automatically send a signal to Honda to pause charging during peak events, and automatically resume charging afterward.

Peak events may occur:

  • From June-September
  • Non-holiday weekdays and weekends
  • Between 2-7pm

There are typically 40 peak events every summer – each event lasts only two or three hours.

You can opt out of a SmartCharge™ at any time by tapping the “Stop SmartCharge” or “Stop Charge” buttons on the HondaLink app dashboard screen.

How to Enroll

Once you have enrolled in SmartCharge in the HondaLink app, follow these steps to complete enrollment in the National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions program.

Step 1
  • Create a SmartCharge location using your home address associated with your National Grid account.
Step 2
  • Tap the SmartCharge rewards program notification banner at the top of your dashboard screen in the HondaLink app and complete the National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions enrollment.

National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions Program FAQs

Communication with your vehicle will be done through its onboard telematics system, which uses a cellular signal. So, you don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi.

No, participating in ConnectedSolutions will not strain your battery any more than normal charging routines, and will not affect your warranty.

No, during peak events, your vehicle’s charging will be paused.. We will not completely discharge your battery.

That is great! Your vehicle is not putting an additional load on the grid at peak times. You will still earn the initial enrollment incentive and $20 annually for remaining enrolled.

Unfortunately, SmartCharge Peak Time Reward Pilot participants are not eligible for ConnectedSolutions until the SmartCharge Peak Time Rewards Pilot ends.

Participants will receive a check from National Grid within 10 weeks of the end of season (Mid-December).

  • Level 1 charging session is defined as any charging session below8 kW
  • Level 2 charging session is defined as any charging session above8 kW

To end your participation, please contact Honda Customer Support via your HondaLink app or send an email to

ConnectionSolutions program is administered by National Grid. All rewards are paid by National Grid.

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