How to create a Honda SmartCharge™ Location

Follow the steps below to create the locations where you are likely to park your vehicle in a day. By entering your home, work, and other stops, and the times you are likely to be there, you give Honda SmartCharge what it needs to plan the ideal charging schedule, which we call your SmartCharge Schedule.
Step 1

Open the HondaLink® App

In the mobile app home screen, tap “Charge Schedule.”

Step 2

Tap Location Nickname

Tap the location nickname in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Add Location

Tap the “Add Location” link at the bottom of list of locations.

Step 4

Input Location Name and Address

Name your new charging location and input the address.
Step 5

Create Your SmartCharge Schedule

Set the time window in which to charge your vehicle each day.

If you are on a Time of Use (TOU) rate plan with your utility company, you may want to enter the start and stop times at which your rates are at their lowest.
Step 6

Set Your Charge Preferences

Set your target to let Honda SmartCharge know when to stop charging. With the minimum charge setting, Honda SmartCharge will always try to charge your vehicle up to that level even if it means charging outside of your specified time window. 

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