Setting Honda SmartCharge™ Preferences

You can set Honda SmartCharge preferences to accommodate your particular situation or comfort level at each location. That might mean adjusting to more reassuring minimum and target charge preferences, or something as concrete as never needing a full charge if you live at the top of a hill.

Honda SmartCharge Preferences

These settings allow you to set a minimum and maximum state of charge for a charging location. You can access these settings by tapping the “Charge Schedule” button located on the HondaLink® Mobile App Dashboard Screen.

Minimum State of Charge

This setting allows you to set a minimum percentage for your vehicle to charge to before starting your Honda SmartCharge session. This can help to ensure that you have enough charge to run those last minute errands around town or grab dinner on a whim. For example, if you set the minimum to 20%, your vehicle will charge to 20% immediately when you plug in before going into your SmartCharge session later on. 

Target State of Charge

This setting allows you to set a maximum charge level that will not be exceeded. For most, this is always 100%. However, if you live at the top of a hill, setting this value to below 100% will leave space in your battery to take advantage of regenerative braking down the hill when you start your journey after charging.

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