Learn About Your Honda SmartCharge™ Schedule

After you have entered your charging locations and scheduling windows, Honda SmartCharge will generate a charging schedule for your Clarity electric vehicle the next time you plug in. Your Honda SmartCharge Schedule may be updated in real time depending on electrical grid conditions. You always have full control and can override the schedule by tapping the CHARGE NOW button.

Using Honda SmartCharge Schedule

Get an overview of your vehicle’s scheduled charging time based on the location preferences that you set by selecting the Charge Schedule button.

When your vehicle is in a SMARTCHARGE SESSION, it is normal to have multiple charging periods. This helps maximize the use of renewable energy.

When your vehicle is PLUGGED IN and charging, the dashboard screen displays the charging location and a green lighting bolt when actually drawing power. The STOP SMARTCHARGE button will also display.

If you press STOP SMARTCHARGE while your vehicle is in a SmartCharge Session, your vehicle will stop charging and the CHARGE NOW button will appear.

You can press the CHARGE NOW button to override the current charging session.

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