Understanding your Honda SmartCharge™ Scorecard

You will be receiving a monthly scorecard email. It gives you a summary of how your participation in Honda SmartCharge has been helping reduce the strain of the power grid on the environment. To achieve the full effect of Honda SmartCharge, and improve your scorecard results, be sure to participate in SmartCharge Sessions at the locations and schedules you’ve designated.

Points Earned


The total number of points you have earned since enrolling in Honda SmartCharge.  Points earned are based upon a number of factors, including the number of SmartCharge Sessions you have completed, and can be cashed in for SmartCharge Rewards.*

Trees Planted


The total number of trees you have helped Honda plant since enrolling in Honda SmartCharge.  Instead of cashing in your points, you can elect to use your points to support Honda’s tree planting efforts.  

CO2 Reduced – Lifetime

5 lbs.

Estimate of how much carbon dioxide you have helped reduce since enrolling in Honda SmartCharge.

Number of SmartCharge Sessions


Number of SmartCharge Sessions you have completed this month. This number resets every month to better reflect the most up-to-date information.

kWh Charged – Lifetime


The total amount of kilowatt-hours your vehicle has charged since enrolling in Honda SmartCharge.

Total Miles Driven – Monthly


Total miles driven since your last scorecard.

* You may be eligible to receive rewards. Enroll using the HondaLink App and get a bonus for your enrollment. Rewards earned are based upon your participation rate.

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